Our Mission & Goals

Fulfilling Your Philanthropic Goals. Uniquely.

At the core of it, we help you connect with students who share your passions, values and vision for the future.

We provide an end-to-end solution that connects donors and scholarship recipients in a unique and fulfilling way that often far exceeds simple financial support. In particular, a Scholars First endowed scholarship gives donors the ability to really connect to, and remain engaged with, their scholarship recipients.

Here are some of the ways we can help fulfill your philanthropic goals:

  • Save Time. Scholars First does the initial leg-work for you. Once you determine the criteria for your scholarships, we conduct any outreach necessary to source potential scholarship candidates, review all candidates and then help identify those that best meet your objectives.
  • Complete Back-Office Administration. Scholars First provides comprehensive strategic planning, back office administration and student services so donors can do what they enjoy – help young people transform their lives.
  • Unique Application Possibilities. You can be as involved in the application process as you wish, while still leaving all the details to us. You can use our standard application, or a custom approach such as including unique questions or requesting specific application types (videos, in-person meetings, etc.). One of our most popular options is having potential recipients personally tell you their stories through You Tube videos.
  • Personal Connections. Scholarships are personal gifts that change lives. One of the things we do differently is give you the opportunity to stay engaged and see first-hand how that gift impacts your scholars over time. In addition to being able to meet, interview and help select applicants, you can stay as involved throughout the term of the scholarship as you wish. By mentoring, coaching or just staying connected with your scholarship recipients, you have the opportunity to form fulfilling and lasting relationships.
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