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Scholarship Programs. Designed by You.

Scholars First offers a variety of scholarship programs that are designed to meet the needs of different donors. Programs can be developed to provide financial assistance in primary and middle school, through high school, to college and graduate school – and even in trade and vocational schools. And, the best part is, the professional team at Scholars First handles all administrative requirements for each of these programs so you can focus on giving. 

Endowed Scholarships

Our most comprehensive and flexible scholarship funding opportunity. By endowing a scholarship in your name, you gain maximum control over the design, execution and future evolution of your scholarships. You may establish the criteria for the scholarship, participate on the selection committee, and determine the level and type of ongoing personal interaction you have with scholars.

Endowed Scholarships require a minimum permanent endowment of $250,000. Such endowment may be funded over a maximum of five years. The annual cumulative scholarship distribution may not exceed 4% of the annual value of the endowed scholarship fund.

Corporate and Social Club Scholarships

Companies and clubs understand that the well-prepared workforce of tomorrow depends on accessible education today. Scholarships can be developed by for-profit businesses, clubs or associations for employees and/or their children. These scholarships can be needs- or merit-based as desired.

Company Scholarships require a minimum of $10,000 annual contribution for five years.

General Scholarship Fund

For those donors who wish to provide scholarship opportunities, but do not wish to endow a scholarship at this time, Scholars First has created a General Scholarship fund. The general fund allows you to become a part of a community of people who believe in the power of scholarships. While the development of programs and selection of recipients is handled by the Scholars First Scholarship Selection Committee, you will have the opportunity to learn about, follow and even potentially meet the recipients of these scholarships.  

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